Marcos P. Cigagna


Expert Consultant on Business and Foreign Trade, Custom’s Officer and Electronic/Telecommunication Engineer. A versatile, action- oriented multilingual (six languages ) executive with over 40 years of increasingly responsible positions in all phases of Management, Business Development, Consulting and Project Engineering.

Technically oriented to the state-of-the-art computers/information systems. Qualified in marketing and budgeting, with an MBA in Administration.

As a former Brazilian Customs Expertise Officer (for 20 years), with all governmental security clearances, we specialize on International Trade on the following business areas : Agro-Business, Medical Equipments, Telecommunication, Mecatronics, Electro-Electronics, and Customs Laws, Classification and Products Valuations on the International Trade.

Marcos is a former Legal Expert Witness for the Court on the S. Paulo Court of Law (08 Years).

He has extensive knowledge of the Brazilian marketplace, with a large network among the governmental officers and agencies, commercial and technical companies and manufacturers, customs related professionals, legal offices, and other.

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