June’s Member Spotlight: Dr. Tongila Manly

CEO, TMG Solutions USA

Who is your ideal client?

We work with companies and agencies who seek to export or import between the USA and southern Africa. Ideally, we consult with African government agencies looking for assistance with AGOA (African Growth and Opportunities Act) exports, export development, and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). We enjoy working with companies needing market research and/or representation.

What are your favorite export markets?

We work primarily in southern Africa; however, we have interests in other areas of the continent. We started a company in South Africa in 1996 assisting American exporters. Later, we established a relationship with Enterprise Florida to manage the Southern Africa Office. Our work has included importing and exporting. Currently, we are working with the southern African country Botswana where we are their newly appointed Trade Representative for the USA. We will work with them to establish markets for some of their AGOA products.

What was your biggest export challenge, and how did you solve it?

When we returned to the US and established TMG Solutions USA, one of our clients exported telecommunications products, we were having problems shipping those high-quality products. They would arrive damaged, and even a slight ding would cause problems with the product’s performance. Eventually, we looked at better packaging and changed shipping companies.

What do you like about your job and your company?

I enjoy the people that we work with. They are creative, inventive people who are eager to please. They are filled with hope, and they are the pillars of their communities. They understand their role in the economy, and they take seriously their responsibility to their employees. I enjoy helping them solve their problems and providing solutions for successful engagements.

Favorite countries?

Currently, Botswana. But most of our work is done with South Africa government agencies and companies. I loved living in South Africa. Besides their tourism, they have very high-quality products. Their wines are wonderful, and they have some technically superior medical, telecommunications, and security products. It is the gateway to the rest of Africa so that exporters will find the logistical infrastructure: air, shipping, roads, etc. are good. Botswana is a small country that is known for its diamonds. The products that we are working with are baskets, gems, and essential oils.



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