August’s Member Spotlight: Crystal McElroy

CEO, Successful Spa & Successful Beauty Group

Crystal is the CEO and Founder of Successful Spa & Successful Beauty Group in Orlando, Florida.

Recently, Crystal shared insights on assisting companies and solving issues in the global marketplace.

“I view my role and the scope of my work as an educator and sales executive in the aesthetics/pharmaceutical market. Specifically, I work with manufacturers to grow their business in multiple channels, leveraging advanced education and unique brand strategies to maximize growth and expansion potential.”

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal clients are Beauty/Cosmetic/Aesthetic/Medical Brand Manufacturers looking to re-brand or enter a new market or channel. We work with over 30 international distributors and customers around the globe. What I like most about my work is experiencing the development and growth process with my customers while working hand-in-hand.

What was your biggest export challenge, and how did you solve it?

One challenge of global business I faced recently was the effect of COVID-19. It completely stopped me from continuing distribution in the U.K. market, having to pivot into another role with another company. The pandemic is not the only challenge I’ve faced. I’ve gone through many import challenges related to the FDA. The biggest challenge was importing medical devices from Germany into the U.S. My solution was to create a team of consultants and FDA experts to leverage all our knowledge to effectively and quickly work through the FDA’s defined processes.

Why did you join the DEC?

I joined the Central North Florida District Export Council a year ago because I work primarily with international beauty and wellness companies interested in importing into the U.S. market and vice versa to grow their core business. 

Favorite countries?

My favorite countries are the U.K., Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia.



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