Getting your product to your consumer safely, efficiently, and competitively requires knowledge of the basics of export shipping, including basics of logistics, documentation, and key terms. Through careful consideration of the content below, you will be one step closer in improving your business venture.

Preparation for Efficient Shipping: A Guide

  • First, make sure to visit the critical export documentation required for a growing exporter. This may seem overwhelming, but example forms have been filled out for your convenience.
  • Next, getting acquainted with the U.S. Free Trade Agreements can give your business leverage over competition by lowering export costs.
  • Need help managing your export shipments? Choosing a good Freight Forwarder can help facilitate your business journey through managing your register and getting you the best prices in both domestic and international shipping.
  • Make sure to stay aware of shipping regulations and maintain export compliance. The U.S. government’s series of export controls determine to which vendors sales are prohibited or limited.
  • What are the INCOTERMS 2020? The 11 International Commercial Terms set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) define responsibilities of importers and exporters in export transactions. They can help you determine tasks, costs, and risks for particular transactions.
  • A Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) might be required by international trade operators to inspect newly manufactured products to ensure the quality, quantity, or value of the goods to be shipped. A Certificate of Inspection must be provided to them as well.