Some of the most commonly used documentation for exporting include the following


Commercial Invoice

Certificate of Origin

Air Waybill

Bill of Lading

Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Free Sale

NAFTA FAQ specific documentation

INCOTERMS and terms of sale information

Total Landed Cost Calculation 

Common Trade Definitions

Various Logistics and Shipping Service Providers

Guide to Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Number

What is Schedule B Number and How it Is Different than the HTS Number?

Electronic Export Information (EEI) Reporting Requirements The requirement to document any consignment valued at or in excess of $2,500 under the Foreign Trade Regulations by filing an Electronic Export Information (EEI) on AES Direct

How About Duties and Tariff?

Do I need an export license to export my goods, technology or services? What other Export Compliance steps do I need to take?

What is Free Trade Agreement (such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Panama FTA, KORUS, etc.)? Is it possible if my foreign customers pay less or no duties when they import?

What Federal Government agencies regulate the exports and imports?