You can check if the goods, software, technology or service that you are exporting requires an export license here

How do I obtain an export license?

S. Trade Sanctions and OFAC licenses, which may be in addition to export compliance under the EAR or ITAR


I need little more assistance on learning the Compliance with the Export Control Regulations

ITAR:  Our company is involved in Defense, Aerospace, or Satellite businesses, or my Customer and/or Supplier expects me to comply with the ITAR and/or NIST 800-171 compliance. What should I do?

How About Duties and Tariff?

What documentation do I need to prepare for exporting?

What is Free Trade Agreement (such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Panama FTA, KORUS, etc.)? Is it possible if my foreign customers pay less or no duties when they import?

What Federal Government agencies regulate the exports and imports?

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