Markets affected: None (supply chain as a whole)

Measure: On April 2, the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) posted in the Federal Register a notice of a public meeting (via Webex) of the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness.

Why this matters:  The Advisory Committee provides advice to the Secretary of Commerce on the necessary elements of a comprehensive policy approach to supply chain competitiveness and on regulatory policies and programs and investment priorities that affect the competitiveness of U.S. supply chains.  Committee members are expected to continue discussing the major competitiveness-related topics raised at the previous Committee meetings, including trade and competitiveness; freight movement and policy; trade innovation; regulatory issues; finance and infrastructure; and workforce development. 

Public Comments:  The meeting is open to the public and press on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited. Please contact Richard Boll, at, for participation information.  Written comments can also be submitted to Mr. Boll in advance of the meeting.

More information:  A copy of the Federal Register notice is attached and is also available online here.

Potential action:  If your company or clients have any views on how to improve – or maintain – supply chain competitiveness, then this presents an excellent opportunity to have your/their views heard by those developing policy.  (And as a former public servant, I can attest that the time you want to have input is before the policy is developed – i.e., present them now rather than waiting until there is a draft policy to comment on, as making changes at that point is far more challenging.)  The DEC Trade Policy Committee would appreciate you sharing with us as well any comments you or your clients may have on supply chain competitiveness and would be pleased to work with you to advocate on behalf of the region’s interests in improving the supply chain.



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