Trade Markets affected: Global

Measure: The U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) is seeking public input on the development of a new “National Travel and Tourism Strategy”.

Why this matters: The goal of the new Strategy is to improve the competitive position of the United States in attracting international visitors and to increase travel and tourism to promote economic growth and job creation across the United States over the next five years.  The ITA is seeking input into the development of the Strategy, including suggestions on how to improve the competitive position of the United States and how the Federal Government can partner with non-federal entities to promote growth in international travel & tourism.

More information: Details on how to get further information about the Strategy and to submit comments is available in the Federal Register notice.

Potential action: If you or your client have ideas on how to increase international tourism in the USA over the next five years, then this represents an unparalleled opportunity to have your voice heard.  And please consider reaching out to the DEC so that we can help you craft your input and work as an organization to amplify your comments.



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