By: Chris Leggett, Trade Policy Vice Chair

Biden Administration releases 2021 President’s Trade Agenda and 2020 Annual Report: An Essential Component in Economic Recovery

On March 1, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) delivered President Biden’s 2021 Trade Agenda and 2020 Annual Report to Congress.  This document fulfills a Congressional mandate to report on the operation of the trade agreements program and the provision of import relief and adjustment assistance to workers and companies during the preceding calendar year, and on the national trade policy agenda for the current calendar year.

Familiarity with the President’s Trade Agenda is useful for Central and North Florida businesses in developing trade priorities for the year and may impact business planning activities, both domestically and internationally. The Trade Agenda also is useful for crafting advocacy messaging on what you think the Biden Administration should be doing to address export-related concerns (i.e., issue-advocacy should be tied to the priorities identified therein).

The President’s 2021 trade agenda is identified as an essential component of the fight against COVID-19, the economic recovery, and the Build Back Better agenda.  Trade agenda priorities include:

  • A fair international trading system that promotes inclusive economic growth and reflects America’s universal values;
  • U.S. global leadership on critical matters like combatting forced labor and exploitative labor conditions, corruption, and discrimination against women and minorities around the world;
  • Building bilateral and multilateral consensuses on how trade policies may address current challenges such as the climate crisis and unfair trading practices;
  • Developing and reinforcing resilient manufacturing supply chains, especially those made up of small businesses; and
  • Addressing the opportunities and challenges posed by the digital economy and prepare for any potential future disruptions to the global trading system.

Here is the link to 2021 Trade Policy Agenda and 2020 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreement Program.



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